To Plastiri

To Plastiri

Passion, artistry and love for tradition make up the main ingredients of our products in our family business “To Plastiri.” Local producers supply us with pure raw materials which give a surplus value to our pasta and endow them with a particularly tasty and unique flavour. For the past 18 years we have been making handmade, high-quality pasta which revive long-forgotten, favourite flavours and recall to memory cherished aromas straight out of our grandmothers’ kitchen.
The “To Plastiri” pasta are made in Katerini, at the foot of Mount Olympus. They are made from semolina of 100% durum wheat, from certified organic crops. We started our business back in 1998. We gained the trust of our customers and now, thanks to their support, we can serve an even greater number of customers in our brand-new facilities.
Always keeping quality and consistency in mind we enrich our traditional products with the following categories: a) organic pasta, b) pasta made from dinkel wheat flour, and c) pasta made from triticum dicoccum. All are certified by DIO (Control and Certification Organization for Organic Products).
In our small family business, experienced housewives make phyllo dough for home pies. Our trademarks are quality and consistency. Have faith in our products: if you try “To Plastiri,” you will never be able to forget its flavours.

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